This is the 41st annual Arkansas Spring Lecture Series in the Mathematical Sciences, an annual conference held by the Department of Mathematical Sciences at the University of Arkansas. This year we are proud to have John Etnyre (Georgia Tech) giving a series of five talks involving the study and applications of submanifolds in Contact Topology. In dimension 3, the strong understanding of the tight-overtwisted dichotomy, the study of Legendrian and transverse knots, as well as convex surfaces and contact submanifolds with convex boundary has produced a flood of results in 3-dimensional contact topology. These lectures as well as many of the additional talks will discuss continuing studies in dimension 3 as well as current efforts to find the correct definitions formulations of tools and ideas in higher dimensions.

Principal Speaker John Etnyre (Georgia Tech)

Submanifolds in Contact Topology

Public Lecture by Reviel Netz (Stanford)

What Have We Learned from the Archimedes Palimpsest?

There will be a public lecture by Reviel Netz, 7pm, Thursday, April 14th in the Reynolds Center Auditorium. Here's the poster for Netz's talk.


Additional talks by


We are also soliciting several 20 minute talks by other participants. Please send title and abstract information to Jeremy Van Horn-Morris.


All talks will be in the Reynolds Center Auditorium.
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Travel and Registration:

The easiest airport is Northwest Arkansas Regional (XNA). To attend, request support, and for hotel and travel information, please register at


Graduate Workshop:

There will be a graduate workshop during the day of Thursday, April 14th. Details, speaker and schedule information to come. Interested participants should plan to arrive by Wednesday night. We should be able to cover the expenses of all graduate participants. Please register early to ensure funding.

This conference is supported by The University of Arkansas and the Department of Mathematical Sciences as well as a grant by the National Science Foundation. We are able to support some participant travel expenses. Recent Ph.Ds, graduate students, women and members of underrepresented groups are encouraged to apply for financial support.


The conference is being organized by Matt Clay, Edmund Harriss, Yoav Rieck and Jeremy Van Horn-Morris


Please direct questions to Jeremy Van Horn-Morris or to the Department of Mathematical Sciences at the following address:


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